Customer Challenges

Disaster recovery (DR) / Business Continuity Solution is no longer something that businesses can afford to ignore in this Digital world. For a start, if a natural or a manmade disaster strikes, companies can’t resume operations without a DR plan in place.

Also, many jurisdictions now have regulations that mandate DR planning for almost all industries. If an emergency arises and a company isn’t prepared for it, the company can face fines and legal penalties.

Complying with these regulations protects your firm in the long run, because it forces you to plan for a disaster and keeps you from running afoul of the law.

As all SAP customers have started their Digital Journey on SAP HANA and it involves huge investment in the Infrastructure (hardware / Appliance), traditionally when you are running on On-premise / Private Cloud customer does sizing of their SAP DR system 50% of DC (Primary) load still it cost too much in case of HANA systems and in this case if disaster strikes its get very difficult (RTO) to ramp up the appliance with full load on DR site.

Enterprises rely on SAP software solutions to analyze, integrate, and automate mission-critical processes. As such, most organizations require that SAP workloads such as SAP CRM, SAP ERP, and SAP S/4HANA be protected by a disaster recovery plan with aggressive recovery objectives – so that these workloads sustain minimum downtime and data loss.

While there is consensus among organizations that rapid and comprehensive recovery of SAP workloads is essential, they differ regarding how to best achieve this. Traditional on-premise to on-premise disaster recovery approaches for protecting SAP workloads require duplication of infrastructure, operating systems, SAP software, and SAP database logs, as well as other third-party applications, rendering it a highly expensive IT project. In addition to incurring high costs, this approach has another disadvantage: it can replicate only database log files (sufficient for recovering the SAP environment), but not system and application files/configuration (critical to recovering the entire machine and application state).

The Solution

Cloud Endure reduces disaster recovery costs by maintaining continuous, real-time replication into a low-cost “staging area” located in a target infrastructure of choice. This eliminates the need for additional costly appliances or separate operational databases, and reduces compute, storage, and software licensing footprint to a minimum. In the event of a disaster, Cloud Endure triggers an automated large-scale orchestration and system conversion process to launch completely functional SAP workloads in the target environment.

Features :

  • Support of all SAP applications, including SAP CRM, SAP ERP, and SAP S/4HANA
  • Block-level continuous replication
  • Support of geographically remote target sites
  • Automated machine conversion and application stack orchestration (including recovery order support)
  • Quick, non-disruptive installation
  • Support for raw device mapping (RDM) disks
  • Web-based control with centralized management console
  • Automated disaster recovery drills with no performance impact
  • One-click failover and failback

Benefits :

  • One disaster recovery solution for all SAP applications, third-party software, and Operating Systems
  • 80% savings on DR total cost of ownership (no duplicate costs)
  • Near-zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO) & Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Increased reliability & high tolerance for network instability
  • Point-in-time recovery for data corruption or ransomware attacks
  • No vendor lock-in, with support of all source and all target infrastructure, including on-premises VMware and public cloud targets
  • Enterprise-grade security

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